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Try out our "Kebab" with special food composition of delicious grilled beef, Fresh vegetables and a special sauce that blended specifically in the tortilla roll...

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab Jr.                                                        Php 65.00
Chicken Kebab                                                                     80.00
Double Chicken Kebab                                                     100.00

Cheese Chicken Kebab Jr.                                                 75.00
Cheese Chicken Kebab                                                      90.00
Double Cheese Chicken Kebab                                      110.00

Chicken Kebab

Beef Kebab

Beef Kebab Jr.                         Php 65.00
Beef Kebab                                     80.00
Double Beef Kebab                      100.00

Cheese Beef Kebab Jr.                    75.00
Beef Kebab                        90.00
Double Cheese
Beef Kebab          110.00

Hotdog Kebab

Chicken Hotdog Kebab            Php 65.00
Chicken Cheese-dog
Kebab            75.00
Fruit Kebab

Chocoban Kebab                     Php 55.00

Veggie Kebab

Veggie Kebab                          Php 50.00

Beef Kebab

Burger Kebab                          Php 90.00
Burger Kebab                   100.00
Double Burger
Kebab                   130.00
Double Cheese
Burger Kebab       140.00


Soft Drinks in can                     Php 35.00
Distilled Water 500ml
Fruit Juice
  16oz Medium               35.00
Fruit Juice  22oz Large                   45.00